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Hand Tracker

Hand Tracker

An easy way to monitor when you touch your face

Smart Apps that alerts you everytime you touch your face and lower risks of catching germs.

Download SmartWatch App

How it works?

Download SmartWatch App and Click Start. Read Instructions and click OK. 

Hand Tracker Start

Move your hand close to your face (preferably near your mouth) during calibration. Listen for three beeps before removing your hand.
Make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly before this step.

Hand Tracker Calibrating

Hand Tracker is monitoring your hand now. Anytime your hand is close to your face, it will beep or vibrate (depending on your SmartWatch settings)*. Stop the tracker when you don’t expect to use it and preserve battery life.

Hand Tracker Monitoring

Change sensitivity of tracker in Settings. Higher number on slider will make tracker beep at relatively farther distance from original calibrated position.

Hand Tracker Settings

* Certain motion or position of hand may not trigger beeps or vibration. Please calibrate it close to face position that you may consider touching more frequently. Test the Tracker frequently to make sure it is functioning properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Samsung Watch App

Go to Galaxy Store on your Samsung watch and search for “Hand Tracker” App

Apple Watch App
Development in progress.
Please email us at if you want us to notify you