How it works?

All it takes is 3 easy steps:

  • Register a new account
  • Upload your STI test results
  • Share results with your partner

It’s that simple! Check out videos below for more information

Register a new account on SafeMatch App:

  1. Register a new account using your Full Name, Date of Birth, Phone number and email address. Select a unique username and password. 
  2. Verify the Phone number by entering unique code sent to your phone.
  3. Log-in to your account and verify the phone device in use (Phone verification is required only once unless device in use is not remembered).
  4. Verify email address in your profile page

Short video explaining on how to register a new account

Upload your STI test results:

  1. Request your STI testing location to FAX, email or mail your recent test results:

    FAX: +1 (314)328-6153
    Mail: PO Box 191133, Saint Louis, MO-63119

    All records that are not received from official testing location are marked partially validated (While we cannot talk to your clinic directly, we do our due diligence in integrity of self-reported results). Please make sure that your identifiers (i.e. name, phone number, and date of birth) are listed on the faxed health records, and matches with the SafeMatch account information.
  2. Wait for SafeMatch to verify the clinic and upload it to your account.
  3. You can now view the STI test results in App link titled – My Health Record

Short video explaining on how to upload STI results on SafeMatch App

Request your partner’s status:

  1. Download SafeMatch App and sign up a new account with a valid phone number and email address.
  2. Request your partner to share their STI results. Request only requires you to know the username or phone number of your partner.

Share your own health record:

  1. Ensure that at least one health record exists in your account.
  2. You can now approve a status request and give 1 hr secure access to your STI results summary.

NOTE: While SafeMatch facilitates anonymous exchange of STI results, both approver and requestor should match unique 4 digit code (shown along with STI summary) and verify identifiers (i.e. name, date of birth and phone number) of each other when meeting in person.

Step-by-step instructions on how to share STD results with others

A summary of our Security and Privacy policies can be found here.

Last updated on January 21, 2020


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